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Has a separate legal statment found within the site. Provides info on credit providers including there reviews 


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The Transporter Recovery

Vehicle Recovery South east and London


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Provides a courier and man & van service covering Thanet, Kent areas





Viking Group Ltd (Licensed Waste carrier, Dealer and Broker 


Due to the amount of variants in waste we require you to give us a call or email so that we can quote on all clearance jobs you may have for us 

To speak to us call: 01843 262023 (press option for waste)

To email us:


How is waste charged?

Waste is charged by local authority approved tips to us at approx £0.20 per kilo. So we charge £0.40 per kilo to cover labour, fuel and use of van or truck. 

When pricing we are estimating the weight of your waste.

There are free tips for members of the public disposing of there own waste. How ever they are not available to businesses. 


In thanet for example we charge £35 for a 3 seater non recliner sofa and £50 for a 3 seater and a 2 seater.


What happens to your waste?

We take all waste in bulk to an approved recycling centre. Some Waste is sorted at specific locations by Viking Group Ltd before taken to 3rd party transfer stations. All fridges and washing machines are taken to a large highstreet chain whom recycle them seperatly for us. Our waste registration No. CBDU235512, Any vehicles used for this display the Viking Group Ltd logo on them.



If you are passed details of another clearance provider by any of our staff due to your location or our availability on a specific day. Then it remains your responsibility to check licenses etc. Only vehicles displaying the Viking Group Ltd logo and staff varifiable by calling 020 8243 8519 are authorised by Viking Group Ltd to clear your Waste.


It is your responsibility to ensure the person or organisation. That you are asking to take any waste items away for you, Or on your behalf. Is registered with the environment agency and that there registration is still valid. Our registranton details are as follows: Viking Group Ltd, Environmental registration No. CBDU235512


This service is provided by The Transporter Couriers 

Part of Viking Group Ltd




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