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Viking Group Ltd

Registered in England and Wales. We are a sevices group operating between Margate and West London.


Viking Group waste

Waste management, Bulky waste collections and Skip hire Within Thanet Canterbury and surrounding areas.


The Transporter Removals



Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Dover areas

We also provide 0% finance for moving 


Storage facilities in:

Thanet, Dover, Gillingham 


Our brands include Flat Pack Man, The Transporter Removals and


We are also partners in other businesses not listed here. Contact us to varify them.


Which Van To Choose?

The Transporter - Removals

Luton vans 

Most box vans Or lutons have tail lifts Partly due to the loading box being above the wheel arches. Box vans or Luton’s look bigger than they actually are. This is due to a higher axcel and the solid square shape. 

The extra 2-4 Cubic meters does how ever give this van an edge, When coming to loading. The doors also open on the outside hinges (Normally) so it's particularly good for wider items like sheads, beach huts, etc.

Peugeot Boxer 

Peurgeot boxer vans come in several shapes and sizes. Our boxer vans are L4, Long wheel base, High top vans. Visually they look much smaller next to our box or Luton vans. This is due to there shape and there low bearing proximity. A boxer van has 12-14 Cubic meters (loadable) Compared to a lutons 14-17 Cubic meters (loadable)


They are easier to navigate in smaller side streets.


This is what is normally needed in terms of van sizes

1 Bed and some 2 Bed property’s 

1 boxer van which will offer 1.5 Ton in weight capacity 

This van has 12-14 Cubic meters of loadable space in the back 

A standard Luton has 14-17 Cubic meters of loadable space.

2nd Load is usually free. Please check this when booking.


2 bed and some 3 bed property’s 

1 Luton van which will offer 1.5Ton in weight capacity 

This van has 14-17 Cubic meters of loadable space in the back

This is the traditional choice for people when moving home. Althou in our professional opinion. Long wheel base are safer and better for loading.

2nd load is usually free. Please check when booking.

3 bed propertys 

2 boxer vans which will offer 3 Tons in weight capacity 

2 boxer vans will give around 24 Cubic meters of loadable space

A standard Luton has 14-17 Cubic meters of loadable space.

2nd trip in 1 of the 2 vans is usually free. Please check when booking.

Man & Van jobs (small)

Vauxhall Vivaro vans will offer appropriately 5-6 cubic meters of loading space. This van will offer around 0.9 of a Ton in loading weight. It is most commontly used for transporting sofas and small loads of furniture. Beds, White goods, wardrobes, tables & chairs, Combinations of the above, etc. We can provide any size or type of van, upto 3.5 ton.

The Transporter - Removals

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