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Viking Group Ltd

Registered in England and Wales. We are a sevices group operating between Margate and West London.


Viking Group waste

Waste management, Bulky waste collections and Skip hire Within Thanet Canterbury and surrounding areas.


The Transporter RemovalsS

Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Dover areas

We also provide 0% finance for moving 


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Our brands include:     Flat Pack Man, The Transporter Removals, and Viking Group waste.


The Transporter Removals (Southeast)

Flat Pack Man

Viking Group Waste

Are part of: Viking Group Ltd


Terms and conditions of service 

Version 0.8  (28-07-2021)


Common terms 

Our" Refers to Viking Group Ltd

Us" Refers to Viking Group Ltd

We" Refers to Viking Group Ltd

You" Refers to the Customer 

Your" Refers to the Customer 


Insurance - Please see the bottom of this page


ABOUT US - Our movers are vetted, trained and uniformed All have been inducted. All our staff are able to plumb washing machines and dishwashers in for you. It’s no extra and we are happy to do it. (Provided the plumbing/ pipe access is in place) Please note that we are unable to disconnect hardwired or gas appliances. We can provide fixed price/ day rates (See terms below for caps) On fixed price moves. We do also offer a pay by the hour option for even quicker pricing. If you want to pay monthly for your move then this is also possible.

(Click Here for pay monthly)


Our teams will place your belongings in the rooms as per your instructions on the day Both upstairs and down. But not in lofts or basements Unless agreed prior to your move. Our moving teams are 5* rated. All of our Van's are clean, Branded, Carpeted and under 5 years old. Any questions please call your local number on the website. Or If you are hard of hearing, Or if you prefer to text. The text phone is: 07565 324092 The Transporter Removals Is a trading name of Viking Group Ltd.

Viking Group Ltd is a services group and our main business is The Transporter Removals.

Which also has a 2nd website Also part of Viking Group Ltd



Contracts - These terms form the contract between you and us. The terms of which become active Upon receipt of any service(s) you receive from us. Or from when you receive the job sheet and pay a deposit. The old style contracts have now been replaced with this new system. This is to simplify the process and cut down on paperwork. The job sheet, These terms of service and if applicable the finance agreement all form the contract between you and us. Unless prior agreements are in place all outstanding balances are due. Straight away to the driver Or team leader before they leave you.



PRICING - Its always better if we can visit you to price your move properly. However We do have a unique pricing system based on previous averages. This information enables us to form a fixed price 

List. A large percentage of property moves can be priced over the phone. This means you can obtain a price quickly. All advertised and initial moving prices are based on a basic contents removal. (Described below) Unless otherwise stated on the job sheet. Also referred to as a basic move.


The balance of any removal must be paid in advance. Or cash/ Card once loaded. Payable to the driver before they leave you.

Except were prior alternative arrangements are in place.

Some of our services are charged by the hour. If this is the case prices are rounded up to the nearest half hour point.


Hourly Rate Moves - Hourly rate moves include any dismantling, Garden loads and other additional services. Even if you have not previously told us about them. But the more you tell us about the better we can advise you. If you need dismantling services in particular then it will work out cheaper overall to have a bigger team.


Fixed price moves - Fixed price moves still have time caps on. Please see your job sheet for the total time allocated and included in the price. We have to have caps on the time because our staff are entitled to be paid for each hour they are at work. After this time the standard hourly rate applies. The amount of moves that ran over the maximum time cap in 2020 was just under 5%.


 Late Payments - The balance of any removal must be paid in advance. Or cash/ Card once loaded. Except were alternative arrangements are in place. If paying on invoice please check any additional terms on the invoice. If you are using a finance agreement then please check your finance agreement for additional terms. If you do not have an invoice then payment is to be made to the driver before the job is completed. Late payment charges are £35.00 charged weekly for up to 52 weeks. We do this to cover our recovery costs.


JOB SHEETS - We will send you a copy of the drivers job sheet. This also acts as a booking confirmation It is also an opportunity to review your booking. We hand write our drivers job sheets on purpose. So please do ask if you struggle to read our hand writing. If you do not receive a job sheet, please ask for it. The initial Or advertised prices for removals are normally for a basic contents removal. (Described further down) Please ensure anything specific. Or any added services have been added to the job sheet. If providing an itemized list for a smaller move. Or for the man and van service. Please ensure the list is in full on the job sheet. Any additional items not on the job sheet. Are not included in the fixed price. When booking a property move We will ask you how big the property is. This relates to the property you are moving from. If you tell us your 3 bed property is a 2 bed property. The price will be amended to the correct price. Even if you have emptied or do not use 1 of the bedrooms. Unless the property size has been discussed and noted on the job sheet. This is because a three bed property on average is bigger than a two bed property. (The section above relates to over the phone quotes)



 This includes all of your indoor furniture, Bags, boxes and misc. items being moved from your current address to your new address. All of your items are placed in rooms as per your instruction on the day. (If items are placed in the wrong room then please tell the moving team at the time and not once they have gone.) Basic contents removals do not include garden or outbuilding items, Packing or wrapping. (Except mattress bags up to king size) There are some items. We must know about before attending. They are American fridges, pianos, Commercial gym equipment, Fish tanks, Specialist items, Artwork worth more than £50, TVs over 40 inch Or with curved screens. If you do have any of these items please let us know at time of booking. We just need to know about them that's all. If there not on the job sheet we might be unable to take them. Or we may have to take them but at your own risk. If you have not previously told us about them and had them noted on the job sheet.


In the first instance when booking the moving team. We will give you the price for a basic contents removal. This is the cheapest way to move home with a moving company. This option does not include packing or dismantling of furniture. All items must be bagged/ boxed ready. (Were possible and within reason) If you require dismantling, packing, Wrapping etc., Please ask at time of booking. We do need to know about these things in advance. Garden, garage and other outbuilding items are not included in the basic contents removal price. But these can be added just let us know at time of booking. Small or part garden load is normally around £40.00 on local moves. But we reserve judgment to decide what small or part means.


 GARDEN ITEMS - This section mainly relates to over the phone quotes. 

Garden items are excluded from basic contents removals unless added at the time of booking. This includes garage contents, shed contents and outbuilding/ Barn contents. These items can be added of course. The initial price presumes that you do not have any garden pots or out door items. So please let us know if you do. Garden items are taken separately were possible because there is often insects, Mud Etc. So it's best to separate garden from house contents anyway. Plant pots, tools etc., Do not stack well so we need to plan and factor these in IN advance. 


FLAT PACK FURNITURE - Is not designed to be moved in its Assembled state. If you need our moving team to move flat pack furniture. Whilst it is fully assembled then they will. (except Three door wardrobes Or bigger). But we can not accept liability for flat pack furniture Damage. There is rarely an issue but we advise you to dismantle just in case or we can dismantle and rebuild for you. Just let us know in advance. Normally dismantling is £15 per task and per item (For most items). We don't charge for dismantling table legs. or for taking the backs of sofas or for sofa legs. 


PACKING RELATED DAMAGES - We offer a full packing service We also provide a full unpacking service. If you have decided to pack your home contents yourself. Then Viking Group Ltd can not accept liability for damages caused Inside of boxes or packaging. In particular when the outer box or packaging has not been damaged. Unless we have provided a paid packing service. This includes but Is not limited to. TVs, computer monitors, Pictures and mirrors. In the unlikely event damage occurs as a direct result of inadequate packaging on the customers part. Or when we have not provided a paid for packing service we can not accept claims. This is the only way we can offer the cheaper moving options and protects us from fraud. It is advised that you wrap all furniture adequately or have us do it for you.

TVs and screens must be boxed for us to take any liability in all cases. But we can still take them at customers own risk. Please remember We do take all precautions and care with your items. This portion of the terms is just precautionary on our part. If packing a TV your self then it must be good enough to protect it from damage. If it gets damaged because your packing was not adiquate to protect it then thats customer fault. If we pack it as part of a paid packing service then thats our fault.



WARDROBES - It is common for wardrobes to not fit upstairs when they are going into a new property. This is because of the size and shape of them. We strongly recommend dismantling prior to your move. We can dismantle wardrobes for you but please book the dismantling service prior to our arrival. Also check this has been added or mentioned on the job sheet of which you will receive a copy.

If the wardrobe fits out of the old and into the new property safely (Except 3 door wardrobes) We will be happy to move them whole.

3 door wardrobes must be dismantled either by us Or by you.


COMPLAINTS - On the job Complaints must be reported to the driver and to the office. Once a complaint is logged we will arrange for the driver to meet with you. Who will discuss the complaint/ resolve with you. The driver must always be present when dealing with complaints. The driver will resolve most issues before leaving a job. Please check everything is ok before the movers go. Because office staff are not present during the move the driver will need to deal with complaints and make final judgment on behalf of Viking Group Ltd.


OUR VANS - Unless otherwise discussed and added to the job sheet which is your responsability to check. We use Long wheel base high top van(s). We do not in general use lutons or lorry's. This helps us keep the price down and we also find them better for loading compared to a traditional box van or luton. (Just our opinion) For an assortment of reasons which our staff can explain if you wish. There is a clear description of van sizes on our site. LWB stands for Long Wheel Base (Peugeot boxer L4 models). Sometimes our vans go in for service or maintenance during these times we may need to use a different type of van if necessary.



STAIRS - We must be told in advance if there are over 20 stairs. Because we may need to supply extra mover(s) Or factor the extra time. (That's 20 stairs per property, Not in total) The more honest you are the more accurate our quote will be. If you are in a block of flats but have a lift. We will still need to be told as the time loading and unloading a lift is a factor. Online and phone quotes will and can only be based on the accuracy of your answers.


DEPOSITS - Deposits are deducted from the final Balance. We will roll deposits over if your moving date changes. If we are given 10 days notice including weekends. It is just the minimum deposit stated on the job sheet that is non refundable. If you have paid in full then the rest can be refunded, rolled over Or credited to account. (Customers choice)


PRIVACY - All the information you provide to us such as addresses and phone numbers are kept confidential. This information is used only for the purposes of providing service(s) that you have indicated your interest in. We do not use the information for marketing and we do not sell any details on. Please check that All messages received via social media, email, text message. Or WhatsApp Are listed on Please note that we must comply with any Court orders for information made to Viking Group Ltd. We may use your information to enforce Viking Group Ltd invoices. Or if our finance partner(s) request information relating to a finance agreement in conjunction with any Viking Group Ltd Service provided.  


Finance Agreements - Full finance terms are on your finance agreement. Please also see the finance agreement. Please note all fixed price removals are subject to key handling charges. Any additional charges incurred during the move will need to be charged separately to the finance agreement. The moving service is provided by Viking Group Ltd. Trading as The Transporter Removals. Please note we are unable to offer advice on financial products and you must decide if this option works for you. We reserve the right to refuse any finance to any person(s). Or to Any organization(s) For any reason(s) we choose. It is your responsibility to check that the online finance agreement is correct. That you can easily afford the payments. The payment schedule is appropriate for you and any other details are correct. Please also read the full terms of your finance agreement. The finance offered by us is always 0% APR Credit reference agencies are notified and used as part of the finance agreement. In the event of any complaint or insurance claim the full finance amount must still be paid in full. This agreement is between you and a 3rd party. 

Viking Group Ltd trading as "The Transporter Removals" and "Pay Monthly Removals"

(Are not the lender)



1 MAN SERVICES - When using our 1 man services there are a different set of rules. 

We accept liability if items are damaged in transit. But if a customer is helping the driver to load or unload an item(s). Out of or into a property or van and damage occurs during loading/ unloading. We will in normal circumstances not take liability. If you have 2 of our trained operatives or a team then we can accept liability as normal within the terms of service. The 1 man services are a cheaper option not offered by all moving companies. We have to minimize our risk in order to be able to offer this service. This section applies when using our 1 man and van service(s) (Please also see (Packing related damages) All claims must be received within 24hrs.


Beach Hut Services -

We are only providing this service for 6x6 huts at this time. Beach huts are made from wood and spend long periods of time exposed to the salt air. Because of this they are prone to rot and on occasion can cause piaces to snap, fall Or break off. Because it is difficult to stipulate when this would consititute as our fault and when it would not. We are not able to offer insurance on beach hut services at this time. We can still provide this service but, We provide this service at customers own risk. Screws and bolts can sometimes become fraid/ damaged due to weather or previous installations. This can not be helped and can occasionaly prevent us from being able to complete the service. In the very unlikely event that we can not complete the service within a reasonable amount of time. Due to a warn/ damaged screw Or bolt. We will refund any money/ Deposits paid for that service. We know this can be frustrating but we must limit the amount of time that we can spend on unexpected problems. If this unlikely but possible scenario should happen to you. Then you may need to make alternative arrangement's for your beach hut. Additional items taken with your hut must be added to the job sheet and paid for. If you wish for additional items to be on our insurance.


Waste and Skips -

Please see the waste page for the prohibited items list on skips. House clearances and waste estemates online and by phone all need to be confirmed in  person.


Washing Machines - 

Although our movers are able to disconnect and reconnect washing machines/ Dishwashers. We do not offer insurance on this particular activity. That's why we do not charge for this part of the service. However we provide this service on a daily bases and have to-date never had an issue. (This is an optional and free extra)



Insurance - Our insurance

Does not cover - Live stock, Pianos, Gas bottles Or open tins of paint.

If our free and included level of insurance cover does not meet your needs. Then We can arrange either a bespoke insurance policy as part of your moving quotation. Or you can arrange your own additional moving cover if you prefer. Below is the free and included levels of cover.

(This is the level of cover we provide as standard. Please also see terms above)


Public liability (1M)

Courier liability (1M)

Goods in transit (10K)

Goods in transit is 10k total claim


As with all insurance there is an excess. Customers part is £250 

If using the full packing and wrapping services it’s reduced to £75

This is the part the customer pays regardless of fault. In the event of a crash there is no customer excess.




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The Transporter Removals (Southeast)

Flat Pack Man

Viking Group Waste


Are part of: Viking Group Ltd


Registered offices, Viking Group Ltd, 27, Old Gloucester StreetLondonWC1N 3AX020 8243 8519

Main website:   2nd website

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