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Viking Group Ltd

Registered in England and Wales. We are a sevices group operating between Margate and West London.


Viking Group waste

Waste management, Bulky waste collections and Skip hire Within Thanet Canterbury and surrounding areas.


The Transporter RemovalsS

Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Dover areas

We also provide 0% finance for moving 


Storage facilities:

UK Wide


Pay Monthly Removals:

Move Now, Pay Later


Thanet Rug Doctor Hire:

Hire our Rug Doctor

Free Delivery 

Free Collection


Our brands include:     Flat Pack Man, The Transporter Removals,

Thanet Rug Doctor,

PayMonthlyRemovals.com and Viking Group waste.

Rug Doctor Thanet:  01843 262023

(All of our equipment is Pat Tested) 

Rug Doctor Range


Rug Doctor Professional X3

For bigger areas and a more indepth clean


Free delivery

Free collection


£25 per day  (24hrs)


Add Carpet shampoo + Pre treatment Spray

Both for £5.00! Total


Add Upholstery tool £3.00

Clean sofas, mattresses ect

Rug Doctor Upright

For more awkward areas easier to manover


Free delivery

Free collection


£24 per day  (24hrs)

Add a second day for £1.00


Add upholstry tool £3.00

Clean sofas, mattresses, ect

Rug Doctor Spot cleaner 

For smaller areas and easier to use on stairs due to being lighter


Free delivery

Free collection


£19 per day  (24hrs)

Add a second day for £1.00

We have a basic shampoo and pre treatment spray option £3 each Or 2 for £5

FAQs:  https://rugdoctor.co.uk/faq/.

We also have a list of premium shampoos availible via amazon Or ofcourse use your own compatible cleaning soloution 

These soloutions are also availible from most suppermarkets 

The amount of soloution needed will depend on the areas the machine is being used on. But roughly 2 litres does 3 average sized rooms. Please read the instructions of any soloution before use.


FAQs:  https://rugdoctor.co.uk/faq/.



Moving Services 

Hire Terms
Rug Doctor Terms Of Hire
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Rug Doctor Rentals Page

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