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The Transporter MAN & VAN - Removals




The Transporter Recovery

Vehicle Recovery South east and London


The Transporter Courier 

Provides a courier and man & van service covering Thanet, Kent areas





Removals in margate, Canterbury, Medway, Dover, Maidstone, The Transporter removals help customers to move to pack and to store their personal positions. The Transporter removals in margate, Canterbury, Medway areas work with local authorities and individuals we offer removals. With no hourly rates and no extra for stairs and fixed price removals, we are proud to be listed as a mover on, we provide a man and van in margate service. Aswell as a courier service in margate, Canterbury, Medway areas.

The Transporter is a key trading name for Viking Group ltd



Courier Service


UK Coverage 

We offer both contract courier services and 1 off courier trips. throughout the southeast. We can offer accounts for Business whom have been trading 12 months or more. This service is usually for regular loads to be Transported daily or weekly between 2 locations. We also take overflow work on. This option is often cheaper than having your own van and driver. It’s very simple to get a price from us. 

1. Load description

2. Pick up/ drop off areas

3. How regular 



Call us on:

01843 262023

01623 703977

Man & Van 

UK Coverage 

We offer a Man & Van Service throughout the southeast. We also collect items around the United Kingdom. We don’t charge extra for stairs or tight corners. We use a fixed price structure. Example costs:

Thanet to Thanet

Full Load £55

small sofas £20.00

Corner sofa £25.00

Recliners +£5.00

White goods £15.00

Beds £15.00

Cabenets £15-£30

Includes 1 Man to load and unload. Extra staff can be provided if required 

ALl areas covered.


We can also dispose of unwanted furniture items.





Calll us on:

01843 262023

01623 703977

Full Removals

UK Coverage

We offer a full house removal service. There are several packages to choose from including a cheaper option EXAMPLE: The cost Thanet to Thanet is £110 with 1 man and £165 with 2 men for a 2 bed property. £125 with 1 man or £180 for 2 men for a 3 bed property. Thats it! We don’t charge extra for stairs, tight corners and we don’t charge hourly rates. Long distance is covered regularly. We have a 100% 5* rating on Facebook for service, price and communication.


Exssesive gardens items are subject to extra charge.


We offer full packing and dismantling if required. Please ask about these services when calling.


Call us on:

01843 262023

01623 703977

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We operate full time teams working shifts 7 days 

We have a unique pricing structure based on averages

We don't put time limits on jobs

We provide unrivalled customer service and communication  

We use booking systems and provide copies of the job sheets to customers 

All our removal staff are trained and properly employed, we do Not use self employed staff here 


We can price removal jobs quickly because of the way we are set up. The way we are set up means we can work using averages. We adjust our price structure every 3 months. But a quote will stand for 6 months. We undertake multiple moves at the same time across a network of our own vans/ teams in different areas, This Is how we keep prices down. This means you get a solid fixed price upfront with minimal questions. Sometimes due to stairs and tight corners jobs sometimes over run, Don't worry, Our team will inform there manger quickly. Then continue with your move. You will never be rushed and the move will be completed regardless with no extra charge. We have systems in place to provide cover for the teams next job. Or add extra time when needed. 

Brand new vans (under 3 years old)

All vans are baranded 

All vans are clean and carpeted 

Staff are uniformed, trained and full time

We have goods in transit insurance, public liability and business insurance

Customers can travel in our vans 


Just need furniture assembled?

We offer a full time flat pack furniture assembly service. We can also install your new TV onto a wall of your choosing. TV installs are £50 flat rate.


Rent our heavy duty plastic boxes for £1.50


Bubble wrap 

Storage options 

With Lok'nStore you'll get a clean, safe and secure storage room to which you will have the only key. Free unlimited access that means you can come and go as often as you please during store opening hours. If your plans change, it doesn't matter - there's no long-term commitment so you can change the size of your unit any time. And our friendly team are always on hand to help you. At Lok'nStore we pride ourselves on our quality customer service

Contact Us Today:

London Office: 020 8243 8519

Thanet: 01843 262 023

Canterbury: 01227 200 892

Maidstone: 0162 370 3977

Text phone: 07565 324092

Please Click the link below to see our Facebook reviews. Also note that it is Not Simon Manning you are talking to when messaging us on the Simon Manning profile associated with The Transporter Couriers and Recovery services. It is the office based team.

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        Terms and Conditions - Removals

The Transporter 



Our staff are properly vetted, trained and Are experts in there fields. All our staff Will plumb washing machines and dishwashers in for you. Just ask, it’s no extra and we are happy to do it. Provided the pipe work is in place. Also we don’t charge hourly rates and our team(s) will place your items in the rooms you instruct them too.
(Any problems 020 8243 8519)


About us - The Transporter MAN & VAN - REMOVALS Are owned by and operated by Viking Group Ltd. We have an assortment of vans working shifts 7 days a week. We price removals based on averages from previous figures. This allows us to give you a quick, Fixed price for 95% of all property moves. Without us having to disrupt you by visiting to quote. The price can not change for your job. Once quoted over the phone and booked in. We stand by our Fixed job price. We are insured in the way you would expect us to be. We have have 100% positive feedback on facebook

JOB SHEETS - We will send you a copy of the drivers job sheet. This also acts as a booking confirmation. It is also an opportunity to review your booking. We hand write our drivers job sheets on purpose. So please do ask if you struggle to read our hand writing. If you don't receive a job sheet please ask for it. All removals booked are for a basic contents removal unless otherwise stated on the job sheet. 


BASIC CONTENTS REMOVALS - When you book a removal we will quote you initially for a basic property contents removal. This option does not include packing or dismantling of furniture. Or excessive garden items. (If you have a garden table and some push bikes these are fine and will be included) All items must be bagged/ boxed ready. If you require dismantling please ask at time of booking. We do provide more comprehensive packages including packing and/ Or dismantling. Please ask for these services at time of booking. The job sheet is also your confirmation of additional services booked. If any and including excessive garden items. When we ask you to state the amount of bedrooms. Please be clear as if our drivers arrive for a 2 bed property, and there turns out to be 3 bedrooms, The price will be amended. Unless there is a note on the job sheet. Regardless of wether the 3rd bedroom is empty or not. This is because 3 bed property's. Typically have more boxes/ MISC items than a 2 bed. We can also provide packaging materials. Please see the storage soloutions page of

Or ask about packaging materials when calling. 


HOURLY RATES - We don't charge any hourly rates for providing services. Just fixed Prices, How ever if our removal teams have to wait for a customer, to obtain keys. Longer than half an hour after the team. Arrives at the drop off address the charges are as follows. £10 per team member per 30 miniuites. This is because these waiting times can result in back logs. In our work load for which can cause large financial pressures on our part to clear.

Unless arangments are made prior to your move. If it's the last job of the day we usually choose to wave these costs. We try to avoid charging this fee if we can. Please pre arange for extra time to wait for keys. It can avoid this fee.


GARDEN ITEMS - Please state at time of booking if you have a lot of garden items or items in out houses. If there is a garden table and some push bikes this won't be charged for. But if there is exsesive garden related items that are not on the job sheet, Then the driver May not be able to take them as the extra time will not of been allocated. The extra cost will also be significantly higher. Unless its stated in advance and written on the job sheet. There is an additional charge for exsesive garden related items. They are not included in any basic removal quotes. Unless stated at time of making the booking, and stated on the job sheet. We send a copy of the job sheet for you to confirm we have all the information correct. So that we can provide you with the best possible service. Please remember to state garden items as the price will be much cheaper if we know in advance. 

FLAT PACK FURNITURE - Is not designed to be moved in its Assembled state. If you need our removal team to move flat pack furniture fully assembled then they will. But we can not accept liability for Damage. on flat pack furniture. We advise you to dismantle prior to our team arriving. We can dismantle for you, But this must be booked in advance. There may be a fee which will be discussed in advance.


WARDROBES - Unfortunately Wardrobes rarely come out of and go into a new property. This is because of the size and shape of them. We strongly recommend dismantling prior to your move. We can dismantle wardrobes for you, But only if pre booked to do so, If you do book the dismantling service please check it is added to the job sheet. Removals teams will not dismantle if it isn't written on there job sheet(s) This excludes small jobs like sofa legs and kitchen tables. 


COMPLAINTS - On the job Complaints must be reported to the office 020 8243 8519 Once a complaint is logged, We will arrange for the driver to meet with you to discuss the complaint/ resolve with you. Complaints are rare and dealt with properly, Fairly The driver must always be present when dealing with complaints. They will resolve most issues before leaving a job when possible.


OUR VANS - Unless otherwise agreed we choose the size of van for you. We can provide a Luton with a tail lift. This is an old fashioned style of van associated with moving. We still have these but are moving more towards more Morden and practical alternatives. We would recommend a long wheel base high top. Particularly for local moves were additional trips are possible. They sit lower on there frame which eliminates the need for tail lifts. They are easier to navigate in small roads and have very similar size loading capacities. (2 Cubic meters difference) It is also safer for your items. For an assortment of reasons, Which our staff can explain if you wish. (Additional trips are often included at no additional charge on property moves. Please do check at time of booking and ensure additional trips are specified on the job sheet) There is a clear description of van sizes on our site. Including the details of the size differences. Between old style Luton’s with tail lifts and new low loader Luton’s as well as LWB vans.


INSURANCE - When using our 1 man services there are a different set of rules.

We except liability if items are damaged in transit. But if a customer is helping the driver load or take an item(s) out of Or into a property/ van and damage occurs during loading/ unloading we will in normal circumstances not take liability. If you have 2 of our trained operatives. Or a team then we except liability as normal. The 1 man services are a cheaper option that we offer. We have to minimise our risk to be able to offer this. This only applies when using 1 man services. Otherwise the normal insurance and liability responsibilities lay with Viking Group Ltd. As you would expect. The Transporter is a trading name of

Viking Group Ltd. 



Any questions please call us on 020 8243 8519

The Transporter MAN & VAN - REMOVALS
Part of Viking Group Ltd

The Transporter MAN & VAN - Removals 

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