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Viking Group waste

Waste management, recycling and disposal in Thanet and Canterbury 


The Transporter MAN & VAN - Removals




The Transporter Recovery

Vehicle Recovery South east and London


The Transporter Couriers 

Provides a courier and man & van service covering Thanet, Kent areas





The Transporter Recovery operates as both an agent and as a provider. We work with several providers from bigger companies. To 1 truck businesses, We have a maximum of 2 providers excluding our selves in each area/ group of towns or city grid. If you would like to work with us. Then signing up is free and easy. We Charge a commission on jobs you take from us. It's as simple as that. We don't charge for leads or for calls. If you take work you pay a commission or we deduct from the customer direct if paying by card. more often you except work, The more often we offer it to you first. Only catch is you must have provable customer service satisfaction, Face book reviews etc. But that's it.

3rd party operators must have the industry relavent insurance policy’s in place.


Fees/ Agreement for overflow work

We charge the customer according to the price list attached. (Unless a pria agreement for alternative prices are in place with you) From which we either deduct. Or invoice the third party operator. £7.50 per job. Or 12% of the amount charged to the customer. Whichever is greater. Overflow work is priced prior to being out sourced/ offered. The commission we take is often lowered to £5.00 for local jobs. We will advise of the charge and commission rate prior to you excepting the job.

Cash collections: We will price the job pria to passing on the details to a third party operator. If you accept a job from us. Then you agree to be invoiced the applicable fee. This fee is not charged separately to the customer.  
Invoices to us: Payable within 7 working days. (5% daily interest penalty for late payments)

Card payments: When we collect card payments over the phone. We will deduct our fee upfront. Then pay the remaining balance to the third party operator. The cost of card processing is our cost. It does not affect any payments. That we make to the third party operator. 
Invoices payable by us. To the third party operator.
Are paid within 24hrs guaranteed. You agree to take full liability for vehicles you transport or recover.

You agree to these terms and these terms apply for each job you accept. This agreement is between the third party operator and Viking Group Ltd. Trading in these circumstances as The Transporter Recovery. 


(You) Refers to the third party recovery operator.

(We) (Us) Refers to The Transporter Recovery a trading name of Viking Group Ltd


Call: 020 8243 8519 (option 4)
The Transporter Recovery. A trading name of: Viking Group Ltd, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX

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