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Registered in England and Wales. Operating several businesses under the group. we are also

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Viking Group waste

Waste management, recycling and disposal in Thanet and Canterbury 


The Transporter MAN & VAN - Removals




The Transporter Recovery

Vehicle Recovery South east and London


The Transporter Couriers 

Provides a courier and man & van service covering Thanet, Kent areas





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Legal notice:


Word definitions in this document:


Searcher - The person using this site to find providers

Customer - The person using this site to find providers

This site -

Provider - Registered/ authorised 3rd party business

We -

Our - Is an advertisement and affiliate based website. We in some context could be seen as an introducer. We act as a platform for advertisers to place ads and for us to display ads from which we may receive or wish in the future to receive a referral commission. The searcher will see ads and links. The searcher will make there own decision without receiving advice from us. We display information copied exactly as it appears from the providers websites. We place independent customer reviews on some adds for information purposes and reference. (3 Most recent reviews are normally used and we update these at least once a month) We provide fixed cost website and marketing packages. We do advise on our own non financial products. We do not offer advice on any of the Finance products seen on this site. We are not responsible for searchers decisions. We are not responsible for credit providers. We reserve the right to remove providers listed on this site. If we receive, or see a significant change in customer satisfaction. Providers or advertisers would receive a refund respective in this instance, Inregards to adverts and banner ads were a fee has been charged.


We are not regulated or authorised by the FCA or any associated regulator. We operate independently and responsibly. is owned and operated by: Viking Group Ltd.



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Reference text:

An “Introducer” who markets another company’s services (share dealing for example) or an investment opportunity. Such an Introducer may also advertise products or opportunities on a website or through emailing contacts.

The activities of the Introducer in this example may not constitute the regulated activity of arranging and therefore the Introducer will not need any form of FSA authorisation. This is because although the Introducer is making introductions, such activities will not directly affect a particular transaction (article 25(1)) and we have no information to suggest that the Introducer’s activities will be of an ongoing nature that facilitate any subsequent transaction (article 25(2)). Accordingly, such an Introducer will not, on the face of it, be “arranging”. It should be noted that when an Introducer directly corresponds with contacts, or gives a seminar to promote a firm’s services (for example) it must make sure it does not carry out the regulated activity of advising on investments (which is not covered in this paper). It is also paramount that the Introducer does not go on to make arrangements for that client to deal with the regulated entity or in relation to the investment opportunity by, for example, helping them to fill in forms. (This paper also does not consider the “financial promotion” rules that the Introducer would need to consider).


.........End of reference text..........


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