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Viking Group Ltd

Registered in England and Wales. Operating several businesses under the group. Including The Transporter Removals & 


Viking Group waste

Waste management, recycling and disposal in Thanet and Canterbury areas


The Transporter MAN & VAN - Removals



Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Dover areas

We also provide finance for moving 


Storage facilities in:

Thanet, Dover, Gillingham 


The Transporter Couriers 

Provides a courier and man & van service covering Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Kent areas


We are the pioneers behind:

Pay Weekly Removals,

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Are there really No hourly rates?

There is a cap but this is roughly 2-3 hours longer. Than we estimate the move to take Less than 4% of customers are affected.



How much for stairs?

No extra for stairs provided there are under 30 each end. If there are more than 30 stairs. Then you will likely need a bigger team or more time allocated.



Is the finance always 0%?

Yes we have arangments in place. So that you are not charged interest.



What do you mean by fixed price?

Fixed price is for the job described on the job sheet. Including any caps on time. If you add extra services during the move. Or the cap on the hours run over the price can still change. But less than 4% of our customers were effected last year. (Please see key handling in the terms) Please note addidional charges if applicable. Can Not be added to a finance agreement(s) already in place.



Who are you?

Viking Group Ltd is a services group. Trading as Pay Weekly Removals, The Transporter Removals, and as Viking Group Waste. We provide other services too. Such as storage, Flat Pack building and box rentals.



Who should I contact if I have a question?

All enquiries to: Viking Group Ltd  020 8243 8519  (Option 4) Or call your local number.




Will you pack and unpack for me?

Yes we provide a full packing and un packing service. This is quoted seperatly. There are several different levels of service. From a full service to just a helping hand.



How does finance work?

First we need to price the move.

We can give you a rough price over the phone so you know what your looking at.

Then we can offer a fixed price After a 10 minute property assessment. If your happy Complete the finance application online. (Decision within 48hrs) Subject to credit check



 Do I pay after i have moved?

Yes, There will be a deposit required. But the ballance or amount you are paying on finance. Is paid after you have moved.



I have been declined finance what now?

Contact us because there are other options to spread the cost. That we may be able to offer you. Still at 0% APR but perhaps with a bigger deposit. 

(Subject to approval/ Affordability.



Can I cancel or amend my booking?

Yes to both, We understand things change and if we can be. We are extremely flexible. So long as it doesn’t affect other customers/ bookings. If you have selected a finance option and need to amend the moving date. Then you may need to re apply for finance. Please also see our terms relating to depoits.




What are the terms?

The terms of service are laid out in a similar way to the FAQs. Very easy to scan throu and located in the side menu. Please see both our terms and the terms of your finance agreement.




What are job sheets?

These are a hand written document with the basic outlines of your move. With any extra services that have been added. We may speak on the phone and then by

messages at a later date. So we use the job sheets to record notes/ specifics in one place. Admin will send this to you when ever changes are made. Its then given to the movers on the day. Remember if it's not on the job sheet, Then it's not been added.




Were are you located? 

Our local moves are Thanet, Canterbury, Medway, Dover, Deal, Hernebay, Whitstable and Faversham areas. Viking Group Ltd registered offices are in London West. 

The moving part of our business is centred around the southeast. We provide a local and national moving service. But we do not provide international services at this time.






The Transporter Removals is part of Viking Group Ltd

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